House Cleaning

Know a Houseowners Responsibilities Before Hiring a Maid Service in Vancouver

Can you tackle the housing mess while you are planning to move to a new home? Do you know the essential cleaning products that are a must-have to eliminate spills, stains, grease, dirt, and grime? It is a must to have the right tools to keep your home clean. There is no magical tool to do the cleaning or to clear any mess. You can hire a cleaning service Vancouver, WA, and ensure they clean the mess.

With the hectic lifestyle, it has become difficult to handle everyday mundane matters. Especially tasks such as home cleaning get postponed due to lack of energy and time. It results in a build-up of insects, dust, and germs in the home various spaces. The only answer to all these is getting a home deep cleaning services by hiring a maid service in Vancouver.

When you wish to hire a house cleaning service, you should specify what you expect as the first point in the interview process. Here are the things you must do before your cleaning services arrive.

Tidy before

Hiring a cleaning service for a particular time frame means use the time wisely. You may pick beforehand the dishes or clothes. In this way, your cleaning service professionals can concentrate on cleaning your home. The reason you hire them should not get face delays. In case you want her to attend to your laundry folding, you may do so but may lose or compromise on her cleaning time.

Clean Pet or Human Discharge

There are many cases where the maids fall sick due to cleaning pet or human discharge. A house facing a recurring problem must look for a different maid service having specific training. Your regular maid service provider cannot handle it. You must not assume or compel her to do the discharged cleaning.

Run Personal Errands

Asking your maid service to run your errands such as taking care of your pet, shopping for groceries, picking kids from school or babysitting, is wrong. Her job description is to offer house cleaning service and her responsibilities include a typical cleaning of the home as a service. If you try getting personal work from her, you must readily accept compromise on cleaning services. Look for people with more skill sets. You can also hire another person to help you with odd jobs and to run personal errands.

Do Add-ons

Your cleaning staff is mainly for house cleaning. You cannot get the cleaning service to clean your refrigerator, do the laundry, or scrub the oven for you. If you assign these tasks, you must be ready to pay extra. Cleaning cat boxes, cleaning food items left on sinks or counters are tasks left by you. You are the homeowner, and you must clean it. The house cleaning service is for dusting and keeping your home clean. So before hiring, know your responsibilities and hire the cleaning service.


Hiring a maid for house cleaning or getting house cleaning services on hire does not mean they can hop on a chair or the countertop. You are the house owner you should never ask the cleaning services to climb for cleaning. It is risky, they may fall and get injured. It will be your liability. If you wanted to clean the high windows and loft surfaces, it is best to hire a suitable cleaning service. They should be well-equipped to tackle such jobs. Such people come with insurance so that their accidents are not your burden.


Cooking meals is your responsibility as a housekeeper. If you need assistance in preparing meals, look for a full-time domestic worker. They will take care of everything. The housekeepers doing work as part-time workers can also help you in tackling the multiple household works. However, you cannot ask your maid service Vancouver, WA, to help you in your kitchen family meals.

Maintaining your responsibility as a housekeeper ensures you get in exchange for the right house cleaning services. Just be sure to keep open the lines of communication. It will help you both to remain on the same page and to attend to individual chores. Thus, the cleaning services are appropriate, and you have a fresh, clean home to live and relax.