Furnace Repair

A Few Furnace Common Problems Best Handled by Furnace Repair Salt Lake City

Waking up in the mid-night in the cold is the worst nightmare. The issue is completely different if the furnace is not working or poorly working.  If you know something about furnace repair Salt Lake City, you can troubleshoot yourself. However, the best bet is to prepare a checklist for the maintenance of the heating system and to prevent the problem.

Here are a few furnace common problems

Problem 1: Ensure the thermostat is on.  It should be on ‘heat’ and set above the room temperature to five degrees at least.

A few checks of the thermostat to do by yourself:

  • Check the thermostat battery. Change the batteries if your thermostat unit runs on it and bear in mind to change at least once annually or when needed.
  • Check how the thermostat is powered. Open the thermostat and blow gently the debris or dust clogged.
  • Ensure the time and date are correct on programmable or electronic models.
  • Check the breaker. Turn the breaker off and check the furnace fuse.

Problem 2:  Furnace fails to produce heat

There are several minor reasons for furnace failure. Thus, confirm to set to ‘Heat’ the thermostat. Then move the dial down or up a few degrees to see if the difference is felt.

Check if the fuse or the circuit breaker is blown or tripped, if you feel no difference.

Test Home Breakers:

  • Check as the first point if the furnace is in the off position or if it is in the center.
  • Test the breaker manually by flipping it front and back.
  • Ensure it is in the ‘On’ position.

The breaker will reset. If this trick fails to work, it means there is a problem with the circuit wiring or breaker. Look for a professional HVAC Salt Lake City and get the problem resolved, it is very important.