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  1. 5/23/2011 Started picking up some thrip in 1st true leaf cotton today.
    5/21/2011 Have heavy army infestation in one wheat field Saturday

  2. Michael,

    If you haven’t treated for the armyworms, let me know. I would like to try to collect some. So please keep that in mind if you find another hot spot.


  3. Have collected armyworms Kelly. We will treat three fields for armyworms to protect wheat heads and boardering corn crop. Armyworms have defoliated flag leaf on majority of wheat stalks and heading for head of wheat.

    Cotton plants reaching 2nd true leaf forming in some fields
    with 20% thrip infestation.
    grower is applying herbicide on piweeds. we may add insecticide to herbicide when we reach those fields.

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