MU Budget Cuts

Due to MU budget cuts, myself and other faculty members are being laid off/contracts not renewed. My last day working for MU will be August 31, 2017. I am just trying to finish up and submit 4 journal papers before I leave. Two papers, and field research, I’m afraid will not be finished this season. University budget changes did not mention 12% reduction until a week ago (it previously was a range of 8%-12%), so we are all trying to finish what we can. The non-tenured track faculty (like me) are not receiving any severance or benefit package.  I have started to look for another position at a University or with industry. Let me know if you hear of anything, k? 12 years of experience in agriculture has to count for something…

I have had a great time working with my employees and colleagues. I will miss working with the crop consultants and growers in the area. I will especially miss working with my two, exceptional employees, Matt and Jessica Duckworth. Both of which are also losing their jobs (and benefits) at the same time as me. They have experience with crop scouting and agronomy practices, so if you are looking for an agronomist I would recommend them.

My Bioassays with Arthropod 3rd edition book should be out in July. I hope to be able to attend this year’s Entomological Society of America meeting, so I can promote it.

Que sera sera,


Assistant Research Professor, Entomology
Fisher Delta Research Center
Portageville, Missouri

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  1. Terribly sorry to hear about this. We have enjoyed your blog. – Owen Taylor, AgFax Media LLC

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