Sugarcane aphid help

Per posting by David Reinbott:

Grain Sorghum – Sugarcane Aphid found in Southeast Missouri

White sugarcane aphid (Melananphis sacchari) have been found in Southeast Missouri.

Suggestions by Scott Stewart, IPM Extension Specialist University of Tennessee – Jackson:

  • Just because aphids are present, does not mean you are at threshold.
  • Make sure you know how to tell white sugarcane aphids from the corn leaf aphid and the yellow sugarcane aphid. (Links below have pictures to help identify aphids).
  • Start looking and scout frequently once aphid are found in your grain sorghum field.
  • Make an insecticide application when 30-50% of plants have aphids present AND there are multiple spots in a field where 100 ore mere aphids are present on a leaf.

The two products available under section 18 label are Sivanto (Bayer Crop Protection) and Transform (Dow Agro Services).

More information including pictures to ID white sugarcane aphids are at the following links:

UT Crop – Scott Stewart, IPM Extension Specialist University of Tennessee – Jackson

Texas A&M – Managing Sugarcane aphid (Slide 4 has pictures to ID & White Sugarcane Aphid in the lower left corner)

University of Georgia – 9 Steps to for Sugarcane Aphid Management (PDF)

If you need help in scouting for white sugarcane aphids call any of our Agriculture Extension agents in Southeast Missouri region:

Rick DeLoughery – Mississippi County – (573) 683-6129

Anthony Ohmes – Cape County – (573) 243-3581

Sam Atwell – New Madrid County – (573) 748-5531

Mike Milam – Dunklin County – (573) 888-4722

David Reinbott – Scott County – (573) 545-3516

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  1. I found yellow too.

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