Extension Model to Improve Pest Monitoring in the Bootheel of Missouri Cotton; Interactive map for cotton

The three counties of southeast Missouri (Dunklin, New Madrid, and Pemiscot) contain about 98% of the state’s cotton acreage, much of which consists of large-scale commercial fields. Many of the current management practices were developed and implemented in this region. This is a high-yield industry which has seen tremendous increase in insecticide use over the past five years in response to drought and pests, made possible in part by strong market prices for cotton.

The determination of which insecticides are most appropriate for pest control in individual fields must be coupled with knowledge of their efficacy, selectivity and control of secondary pests. However, the effect of these insecticide choices on cotton pest susceptibility to the most frequently used insecticides requires constant monitoring.

My research includes the development of an interactive map using Adobe Acrobat reader (files below), and a smart phone app (beta this month) for improved decision-making and management of tarnished plant bug.

Instructions on how to view maps using adobe acrobat reader Pro

Missouri Cotton, TPB Adults, Interactive Map

You Tube video instructions:

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