Waters of the United States

Taken from: http://www.mo-ag.com/

Waters of the United States (WOTUS)

Your comments to EPA are needed NOW!

Do you recognize this picture?  If you are an agricultural retailer, could this be your customer?  Could you need a permit before applying pesticides or fertilizer on this field?  If the EPA’s proposed Water of the United States (WOTUS) goes into effect, costly regulations and permits and outright reduced agricultural production is what we could be facing in the future.  Whether you a retailer or in any segment of agribusiness, the proposed WOTUS rule will negatively impact you because it will negatively impact all sectors of agriculture.

Your voice counts!  Add your voice to the growing list of those expressing concern about EPA’s proposed WOTUS rule.  Tell EPA ‘NO’ to WOTUS.  Comment on the rule before the October 20, 2014 deadline.

To see more information on how to comment:  CLICK HERE.

To see MO-AG’s comments:  CLICK HERE.

To see a you-tube video featuring a “This Week in Agribusiness” report on EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy’s visit to Missouri and responses by MO-AG President Steve Taylor and Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst;  CLICK HERE.

To utilize a GIS based mapping program (Agriculture’s WOTUS Mapping Initiative (AWMI))  to see what ditches and small streams may be determined ‘jurisdictional’ in your area, CLICK HERE.

To see a description of how to use AWMI, CLICK HERE.

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