Collection and Photography of Insects in Northern Manitoba

A colleague of mine has a project to collect insects for her students and is in need of funding. Dr. Marijo Readey is an adjunct professor at Northeastern Illinois University (a previous professor and mentor), and is ineligible for grants. She has developed a kickstarter page for this project. Please take a few minutes to review the material. Thanks!

The Project:
Conservation starts with education and stewards of history. The desire to conserve begins with
knowledge and an appreciation for the importance and diversity of species. The communities of
the northern boreal forests and tundras of the north remain understudied. We know they are
changing the rate at which they process carbon dioxide and in the rate at which they are burning
(DOI: 10.1111/gcb.12404) We know even less about their insect inhabitants of these
regions so critical to our planet’s health.

These regions have also had less sampling of insect populations than in more temperate regions,
thus the boreal forests remain a treasure trove for new information about insect diversity and
adaptation. Danks (1989) estimated that about 22,000 insect species make their homes in the
boreal forests, far fewer than in more southern temperate zones (DOI: We still know little about the lives and distributions of
their inhabitants.Funding for Collection & Photography of Insects

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