That new herbicide coming down the pike…

Yesterday, at Andrea’s CCA training I was asked about “that new herbicide” described for waterhemp in our field day brochure.  Well, I had absolutely no idea and hadn’t read the field day materials, so I had to play catch-up.  

 The chemical is Pyroxasulfone which will be available, pending EPA registration, as Anthem, Fierce, and Zidua in 2012. This is a soil residual herbicide, not a silver bullet. We have used the products with good results at the Delta Center, but they are not silver bullets. As we are screening pigweeds for PPO (e.g. Reflex, Flexstar) resistance, we may be very grateful for the new residual herbicide tools if we lose the PPO chemistries.

 Which brings this posting back to what Dr. Weirich has been saying since he arrived at the Delta Center:

                1) Start Clean

                2) use multiple modes of action and residual herbicides

                3) use overlapping preermgent herbicides

                4) manage your seed bank

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