Pigweed problems

Fancy hoes can help make a bad thing better…

Our weather has caused some problems for activation of residual herbicides which means there is a possibility for weed control problems. Today I saw a wick bar motoring down the road and I have seen a few hoe crews out in the fields, all driven by pigweed escaping.

Many people are using a Liberty Link system to control our glyphosate-resistant pigweed. The photo below shows that Ignite, while a good herbicide, is not the only weed control answer.
As you can see Ignite really did the job where it made contact with the plant and this is why Ignite works better with at least 15 gal of water per acre when sprayed. There are still those parts of the plant that were shielded from contact with the Ignite application and because Ignite has no residual activity will do just fine. Instead of weed control this application has resulted in herbicide damage, from which the pigweed will recover – although  the yield of pigweed seed set could possibly be reduced.
There is no substitute for performing pigweed management activities on less than 4″ weeds and scouting fields so that the growth stage and density of weed populations is known. You will see a lot of pigweed that is recovering from Ignite damage as you drive through Bootheel. We are asking the herbicide to do more than it can when we spray >4″ pigweed.

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