Post Harvest Weed Control

As we are halfway through the year, we start thinking about harvest.  Palmer amaranth seems to have a mind of its own, so I wanted warn/prepare you for late season flushes or re-growth of Palmer amaranth. After corn harvest, we may see that these fields are not as clean as we thought.  While this may be disappointing or discouraging, we must continue with our goal of not allowing Palmer to go to seed.  Tillage and/or herbicides are a couple ways this goal is accomplished.  Keep in mind that in-season scouting is not the only time you should scout.  After you harvest your crops, scouting is a must to prevent weeds from producing seeds.  Consider applying a residual herbicide after harvest to help reduce seed production.

Categories: Corn, Cotton, Pesticides, Scouting issues, soybeans, Wheat

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