Soybean Rust: News from Dr. Wrather

Soybean Rust Developing Slowly in the United States

 Allen Wrather

 The current threat of soybean rust in Missouri is extremely low.  Soybean rust has only been found on a few kudzu leaves in central Florida and nowhere else in the United States.   The slow development and spread of rust in the south and southeast parts of the United States is due to the drought in these areas.  I expect rust to develop slowly in these areas until this weather pattern changes.  More information about the spread of rust in Missouri and the US is available on the web at or you may contact me,, for more information about this.  

Soybean rust - cell phone photo-micrograph by Kent Fothergill

Missouri farmers and crop consultants may have soybean leaves examined for rust by pathologists at the University of Missouri Plant Diagnostic Clinic.  Soybean leaves and a moist paper towel should be sealed in a plastic bag, and these should be sent immediately by express mail to the clinic along with a completed information form.  The information form and more instructions about collecting and mailing samples to the clinic are posted at  You may also call, 573-882-0623, or email,, the clinic about this and other services they provide.  The clinic can also provide diagnosis and management information for other soybean problems including diseases, insects, and weeds.   There is a $15 fee for examination of samples submitted to the diagnostic clinic.

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