Tracking Degree Days in Cotton…

Andrea Jones, Research Associate in the Cotton Department, sent out an email giving season long degree days for the past several years. I thought this might be a good post so others can be aware of degree days and why they are important in tracking development. (Thanks for the idea, Andrea).

Cotton needs a certain amount degree days to reach full maturity. The table below shows how many degree days are needed to reach a specific developmental stage.

Developmental Stage DD-60s from Planting
Emergence/stand establishment 45-130
1st square 440-530
1st flowers 780-900
Peak Blooming 1350-1500
First open boll 1650-1850
Defoliation 1900-2600


If you want to track DD60’s for your cotton, you’ll need to get the high and low temperatures in your area starting the day you planted and use this simple equation:  After you determine the number of degree days accumulated for each day, you add them up. If you don’t want to deal with the math, UC Davis has a nice slide rule guide where you can determine DD60s without the math.  

Below is a table of historic season long accumulated DD60s in SEMO. Using this as a reference you can compare this year to years past. I planted cotton in Clarkton on the 6th and we have accumulated 187 DD60s since we planted. In Portageville, we planted on the 10th and we have 150 DD60s.

Total from May 25-Sept 25











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