Hail damamge and troubleshooting

Hail struck our cotton for the second year in a row. It wasn’t as bad this year as last year but I thought I would post pictures for our scouting school students who were first time scouts.

For troubleshooting problems in the field remember:

  1. Determine the variety and age of the plant, including stages of development.
  2. Identify all symptoms on the leaves, stems, roots, and fruit and inside the stems and roots.
  3. Estimate the percentage of plants damaged in the affected part of the field.
  4. Determine the field distribution or pattern of the problem in the field.
  5. Evaluate whether weeds in the field (and margins) share similar symptoms.
  6. Determine the history of the problem, which often provides the foundation for correct diagnosis (or at least eliminate of certain causes).

For more tips on troubleshooting, check out this MU Publication on Troubleshooting.

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