All this rain…what does it mean for the insects?

Rice water water weevil adult.

Most people think that the rain will be bad for the insects. It will be for some but for others, it won’t. For insects that overwinter in the soil, the saturated soils may decrease the numbers that survive. Additionally, moist conditions that lead to disease problems for plants, can also lead to disease problems for insects. However, there are some insects that are highly adaptive and some will survive the flooding with no problems.

As for insects like rice water weevil that are semi-aquatic, there are two potential scenarios that could occur: 1) rice water weevil feed on a variety of grasses and they may disperse and feed on grasses that are currently underwater or 2) for the small amount of acreage of rice currently planted – that rice may be more vulnerable to damage due to rice water weevil concentrating on the limited acreage.

The moral of this blog is, DON’T ASSUME THAT THE RAIN GOT RID OF THE INSECTS, CONTINUE TO SCOUT – but watch out for the mosquitoes that will be out because I do expect their populations to increase with all this water.

– Kelly

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