Weed Thoughts 3/11/2011

As we move into yet another growing season, pest control will become    more important to make ends meet.  As you are planning your weed program there are several factors to consider.  Knowing what your weed pressure is a must, but before that you have to know what weed species you have in your fields.  Weed species and densities may vary from field to field so a single herbicide program for your whole farm may not be the best approach.  Weeds of the South and Weeds of the Midwestern United States and Central Canada are a couple of weed ID books that I would recommend you carry with you in your pickup or keep it handy in the shop.  These books are useful when you may not know what weed species you have.  You can find these books on amazon.com.   If you already have one of these books please write a review of the book on amazon.com.

As you are planning weed control strategies you may find the Missouri Pest Management Guide helpful.  The 2011 guide now includes cotton and rice. M171 2011 Missouri Pest Management Guide: Corn, Cotton, Grain Sorghum, Rice, Soybean, Winter Wheat | University of Missouri Extension  If you would like a hard copy it can be purchased or you can download a free PDF.

Resistance management is very important.  Palmer amaranth is the driver weed for most weed control programs.  However, I would encourage you to be proactive and use multiple modes of action and residual herbicides instead of relying on glyphosate or ignite alone.  If you don’t think you have a resistance issue please don’t wait to find out.  If you wait and Palmer amaranth emerges it may be too late and result in an expensive hoe crew.

Feel free to contact the delta center with any questions you may have.

Jason Weirich

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